Health Benefits of Garbanzo Beans

February 4, 2018

Chickpeas - Once left on a tub of ice at the end of the salad bar, has now been considered a super food in America. This legume or bean has many health benefits we can all take advantage of. Also known as garbanzo beans, they are very high in protein, iron, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and are very low in fat and sodium – Oh yeah, did we mention that it is GLUTEN-FREE?! More popularly consumed in the Middle-East, India, Spain, Turkey and Africa – The chickpea has now made its way to America. Not only have we Americans been trying to find new foods to help us stay fit, but we also have been searching for great tasting foods yet beneficial to our health. I’m going to stop here (before I spoil it) and let you read on about why we should all incorporate chickpeas in our daily diets.


Lowering Cholesterol Levels - With just 16 ounces of chickpeas (that’s 2 cups if you were trying to calculate) has your entire daily value of dietary fiber. Chickpeas are high in protein with no cholesterol compared to the meat products we consume daily. A study shows that chickpeas were found to have lowered cholesterol levels better than foods with comparable fiber content.


Weight Loss - Chickpeas are high in two nutrients that help with weight control. A cup of chickpeas offer about 15 grams of protein and 13 grams of dietary fiber, which is about half of the daily value you should be getting. So adding chickpeas to your meals should help with keeping you sated and not feel so hungry soon after eating. Think twice about adding ham to your salad, use chickpeas instead.


Beanja Protection - Manganese found in chickpeas function as antioxidants in the skin cells. It has also been known to fight free radicals that can cause wrinkles.


Immune System Booster - This one caught us all by surprise. Chickpeas also provide us with zinc to help fight off the common cold and even shorten the duration of them. In the 2 ounce serving with Beanja, you get about 12% of the daily value you need. With addition to zinc those same serving sizes have 19% of copper you need daily. Copper also helps fight off certain illnesses and diseases. 


Digestive Health - It’s the fiber in garbanzo beans, AGAIN! It helps prevent constipation and promotes regularity. Fiber helps balance pH levels and the healthy gut bacteria, which can also reduce the unhealthy gut bacteria in the gut.


Regulates Blood Sugar -  With more and more people in America fighting type 2 diabetes, Doctors have recommended adding vegetables and starchy legumes like chickpeas in to your diet. The fiber and phytochemicals found in chickpeas help regulate blood sugar. Chickpeas digest at a slower rate and helps your blood sugar levels from spiking. 


Beanja Energy Boost - Copper helps drive your metabolism in helping your cells produce energy. It also helps your body digest and use iron to help your brain metabolize neurotransmitters, which are the chemicals your brain cells use to communicate with each other. Oh!, and a cup of garbanzos contains 64% of your daily copper and 26% of your daily iron. And with these two minerals combined we have ourselves... Captain Energy Boost! 


Antioxidant Effects - Chickpeas are an important source of selenium, a mineral that supports liver enzyme function and detoxifies cancer-causing compounds from the body. Chickpeas are also a source of folate, which helps in formation of cancer preventing cells in the body.


Build Beanja Muscle -  Okay, hold on before claiming vegetables don't have any protein in them. 1 cup of chickpeas contains 33% of your recommended protein daily value. You can save some cows by eating a little more plant based products. If you combine chickpeas with protein found in nuts and veggies you would eat less meat products. But also, do enjoy that nice slab of steak for dinner or that baked salmon you've been thinking about, this will help round out your protein in-take and build muscle to get BEANJA strong!


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